Cubs Fans, Prepare Your Heartstrings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Chicago Cubs won the World Series? The hoards of people in the streets, stopped traffic everywhere, babies made instantly in bars, spontaneous Beatles fits x1000, the environment in and around Wrigley Field, the collective sigh of relief from every aging fans breathe knowing they can now die seeing what others haven’t been able to in the past 101 years. It will be the defining moment in Chicago sports history.

Seriously, forget the 1985 Chicago Bears and the Super Bowl Shuffle, forget that Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls brought the city six rings, forget the 2010 Blackhawks Stanley Cup Trophy and screw the White Sox 2005 Championship run. When the Chicago Cubs win the world Series, the Chicago sports world will stop and turn upside down on its’ head.

But guess what? Courtesy of Sony PlayStation, I have seen what it’s like when the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. I have seen it and it’s amazing. I almost cried the first 10x I watched this clip.

This marketing spot for MLB 2012 The Show, is certainly one of the most gravitating commercials I have seen. They went past a fans dream and made it a reality. Initiative accomplished. I now want the video game, I want to watch the Cubs play baseball and I badly want to them win the World Series this year and every year following.

If your heart strings weren’t tugged at watching this, odds are you’re not a fan. Leave your hat on the doorstep for weekly trash pickup.


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